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Bestefficient reveals 1000s of Personal Trainer and fitness secrets that will easy leads you through the difficulties of reaching your best shape and mood - Let me guide you to where your desired results get actually real.

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Find out how the real results come alive when you are guided by the right person. Who you choose to be your Personal Trainer is very important for how you look and how you feel in your body. How energized are you during the day? Do you sleep well? What food cravings do you have? These are just a couple things more or less related to your physical activities and the sooner you get it, the faster you can do something to feel better. I promise! I’ve created Bestefficient with the knowledge, experience, and passion of training over 500 people in the past 10 years to share with you. Take this advantage! I’d be happy!

Sincerely yours,
Stefan Terziyski,
Founder, Master’s in Sports Science, Fitness Expert & Nutricionist since 2009

The prize is not reaching your dreams but your trying to reach them every day.
The longer you keep on that struggle, the more dreams and rewards you’ll reach, but most of all – that will make you an honorable person.

Stefan Terziyski

Your body, Your lifestyle, your goals - Our Personal trainer

Just play! Have fun! Enjoy the game!
These immortal words by legendary athlete Michael Jordan are still as relevant today, in this digital age, as they were back then.
We are aiming to provide you with the best and most efficient way of achiving your physical fitness goals simply as that
Take the chance, play and have fun with us. Count on us to help you, because it’s important – Your body, your lifestyle, your goals!

bestefficient - be the best of you

Training, made simple.

Every Personal Trainer can lead workouts, but not every Personal Trainer can build a successful model to reach your optimal fitness level.  What makes the difference is the years of training, learning and implementing different methods.
Don’t waste your time! We’ve been through Sports Science college education, and years of coaching hundreds of actual clients, we’ve done all the research, skills development and hard work! Just take it now, play and get fit!