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Frequently asked questions

First of all get prepared. Once you are in the gym warm-up well before you start. Do 5-6 exercises and 8 to 10 repetitions on each one. Do 2 or 3 sets and than stretch. If you are about to start – find a good personal trainer.

You should pay attention on several criteria. Certification, qualification, experience are just some of them. But the more its related to your health the deeper should be your “investigation”. We “dissect” the solution here – take a look.

I’ve created Bestefficient with the knowledge, experience, and passion of training over 500 people in the past 10 years to share with you. I’ve been through Sports Science college education, and years of coaching hundreds of actual clients, I’ve done all the research, skills development ,and hard work. Maybe I am not the best Personal Trainer out there, but I am one of the best and I have strong beliefs, I have a very long biography (shortened here) and I am too dedicated to my profession to waste my time and yours too.

Bestefficient™ is created to support people in their everyday battle to be healthy, fit and energized in terms of worldwide varieties of how to do that.

We kindly and carefully collect and present to you the best and most efficient sides of different types of training, eating, living. We strongly believe that balance, the persistence of the right actions and the habits they created are the base on which lies not only your fit shape but your well being too. So we think you deserve the best and we do believe that you should make the things in the most efficient way to avoid wasting your time.

We are open to collaborate with other fitness pros from over the world. We assume that it’s hard to cover all the different types of sports and activities, therefore we already work with experts in different areas. In order to deliver high-quality fitness information for our readers, we put all posts on Bestefficient™ on expertise and verification from independent experts. Are you interested to work with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch HERE!

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